Listen to My Interview at Small Business Radio

My interview for Small Business Trends is up and available for streaming.

You can check it out here, and it should be on iTunes tomorrow.

I think it went really well, and I had a lot of fun!

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7 thoughts on “Listen to My Interview at Small Business Radio”

  1. Excellent!!!
    You did great, lots of good info and you make the rest of us want to heed your advice and stick to it.
    Thanks Mark.

  2. Mark — I downloaded to my iPod to listen to during the long commute home. Great interview! Your voice quality was really good. Better than either of the hosts to be quite frank! Congrats. — casey

  3. I just listened to the small business podcast too. Is this the blog you were talking of, or do you have others? Do you make money from this blog? Just from the blog alone?

  4. Hi Heather!

    I wouldn't say I make money directly from this blog, but it is one of my largest sources of traffic to, and I do see income from it that way.

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