Andertoons Cartoon Podcast – Whatcha Want?

A few recent videos I’ve posted via YouTube have seemed pretty popular, so I’m considering doing an occasional video podcast, maybe weekly.

It seems to me that just watching me draw cartoons over and over each week would get boring quickly, so I’m asking you, loyal readers, what would you like to see?

More focus on specific parts of the process (inking, shading, etc…)? A tour of cartoons that no one gets? Follow a custom cartoon from client request to final product? All of the above?

Lemme know! And if you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them!

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6 thoughts on “Andertoons Cartoon Podcast – Whatcha Want?”

  1. When you run out of idea to film from home, maybe you could take your video camera along to one of your Cabal meetings and do a short interview with one of the attendees. Be sure and bring paper so the interviewee can do a quick cartoon demonstration.

  2. I think that all of your ideas are good. I would add that a "day in the life" kinda segment would be interesting. How do you manage your time? How much time does it take to come up with a cartoon?

  3. You drawing a cartoon whilst hanging upside down on a tyre swing, totally naked.

    I'd like to see that.

    Then again, maybe not…;)

  4. How do you find people to pay you? I don't know how you'd film that…

    The Cabal idea might work, though I don't know how many cartoonists WANT to be filmed. Someone tried to interview me and ask for advice for aspiring cartoonists. I replied that I needed to be taking advice at this point, not giving it.

    Speaking of the Cabal, you never blogged it. Did something go wrong?

  5. Dang! So much for!

    Tyler – finding customers pretty much amounts to sending out packs, making sure your site is good, blogging, advertising… The whole thing.

    It's funny how much of being a cartoonist isn't actually cartoons.

    If you can take some business classes or get some basic business experience, trust me, you'll have a leg up on most artists.

    About the cabal… I'll blog about that soon…

  6. honestly… at this moment… I'd like to see what you thought of Spider-Man 3. First as a comic book fan… then as a cinephile. (= Post THAT (=

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