Pixar “Stiff-arms… Children”


A really nice article over at Newsweek about Pixar's "Up" with a great short history of animation:

The little animation studio that could, Pixar was established in 1986 not as a cartoon factory but as a computer manufacturer. Many on the skeleton staff were cartoonists at heart, but the shorts they produced on company time were designed to promote the company hardware. When Toy Story, their pilot feature, was greenlighted in 1991, they rushed out to a screenwriting seminar. They were amateurs.

Check it out!

(BTW, Newsweek, love the new paper.)

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1988 Apple Pencil Test

Stumbled on this a way back:

Beyond the fact that this is just cool, and an impressive display of 1988 computer power, there's some cool people involved.

Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo, Wall-E) is listed as both "Storyteller" and "Illustrator." John Lasseter (Toy Story, Cars) is credited as "Coach."

And there's a thanks at the end to "Chronical Features" for usage of a Gary Larson cartoon on the coffee cup:


It's hard to tell which cartoon it is, but that's a nice touch.

What a nice little piece of cartoony history!

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