Taste Visualization for Pixar’s Ratatouille

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I haven’t seen Ratatouille yet, but my anticipation is just about to a full boil.

Especially when I see stuff like Michel Gagne’s “abstract representations of what the character was tasting” at his site. Don’t miss this amazing inside look!

Thanks to whoever hipped me to this over at the Wisen (and apologies for not remembering who you are).

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Apple announced yet another drool-worthy gadget today with its video-playing iPod.

A small selection of video is already available at iTunes, including “Lost” and “Desperate Housewives,” but what caught my attention most were the six Pixar shorts. I’d love to see how those look on that little screen. If it’s anywhere near good I think Apple’s gonna turn a lot of white earbud-clad heads.

“The Art of The Incredibles” -Review

The Art of The Incredibles

The Incredibles is one of my recent favorite movies, animated or no, in recent memory, so I’m glad to report that The Art of The Incredibles is great too.

There’s not a lot of text, but, to be fair, you don’t get a book like this to ‘read’ per se. This is a book you just want to gape at and revel in pure graphic splendor.

Organized into three main sections (“Meet the Parrs,” “The Golden Years” and “Showtime”), you get an in-depth look at gobs of sketches and concept art presented big and beautifully.

Favorite art of mine included production designer (and voice of Bernie Kropp) Lou Romano’s beautiful gouache work, and character designer Teddy Newton’s pencil/markers and fascinating collages.

The Art of The Incredibles - Kari
Kari concepts by Teddy Newton

Fans of the movie will really enjoy this, as well as illustration and design devotees.

I don’t know if I’d pay $25.00 for The Art of The Incredibles, but if you can get you local public library to order it (hint hint!), by all means do!