Stu Hits the Spot!

Lawyer, cartoonist, and all around good guy Stu Rees just finished up an ingeniously friendly and effective contract for me to use with upcoming Andertoons clients.

One page for standard legalese, another for the project’s details – perfect!

Need some law, cartoons, cartoon law, or law cartoons? Stu‘s your man!

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Mailbox! – Legal Throwdown Edition

Andertoonsmailbox-2 1Got this today:

Your cartoon with 2 women, where one states that she has decided to quit sleeping her way to the top and second base her way to middle management, is very offensive, and could result in a sexual harassment lawsuit, for you and/or anyone who posts or shares it. Thought you would like to know. If in doubt, you may want to have an attorney or compliance export review cartoons, of this nature.

Oh good heavens…

Make sure you tell PETA about that “…no one knows you’re a dog” cartoon too.

Here’s the cartoon.

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Andertoons, Inc.

Images-1I’ve decided it’s finally time to separate the ol’ cartooning side of things from my personal finances and do the whole DBA and LLC thing, but I’m unsure where to begin.

Anyone out there know in what order I should be doing this stuff? Or if it matters? Should I be getting a lawyer? Should I do it all myself?

Any help would be appreciated…

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