Further Proof I’m a Child in a Man’s Body

OK, those of you waiting for another big Andertoons announcement, this is not it.

Remember a while ago when I tracked down and bought a Bug Catcher Spider-Man? Well now he has some company.

Please welcome to the Andertoons office, Archer Spider-Man, and Fisherman Spider-Man!

Img 0679

As if “Adventure Hero” wasn’t enough, these two are

“Outdoor Heroes!”

Img 0681

The back of the box

Img 0682

Fish, Spidey! FISH!

Img 0686

Arch, Spidey! ARCH!

Img 0687

What an out of the box experience!

Img 0688

The bane of every parent.

Img 0692-1

This is the figure that started my obsession with crappy

Spider-Man toys a few years ago. Welcome home Spidey.

Come on in, the water’s fine.

Img 0696

LOVE the fishing overalls! Gotta keep that webbing dry!

Img 0697

God is in the details.

Img 0702

The view from behind.

Img 0699

I think this is the best Adventure Hero hat yet!

Img 0701

Wait a minute, this is Adventure Pimp Spider-Man!

Img 0703

The Spider-Pole!

Img 0706

The crazy part, is this pole actually functions.

Img 0708

He’s actually using a spider lure. Too cool!

Img 0713

LOVE the tackle box.

Img 0718

A look inside.

Img 0728

The whole package. Schweet!

Img 0733

A little closer.

Img 0739

Work it! Work it!

Img 0746

I’m coming for YOU, Namor!

Img 0747

On to Archer Spider-Man…

Img 0749

It’s easy to have six-pack abs when they’re outlined in black

Img 0751

The same boots as Bug Catcher Spidey, but with a new

green accent. Sharp!

Img 0752

OK, the back of the vest is kinda late 80’s Michael Jackson,

but still…

Img 0753

Again, the same pants as Bug Catcher, now green.

(Sorry about the blur…)

Img 0754

No one knows how to accessorize like our favorite

wall crawler.

Img 0755


Img 0756

Now if I can just fine some velcro deer…

Img 0757

Spidey spares no expense.

Img 0761

Again, the bow actually works.

Img 0762

A close-up…

Img 0764

The whole package.

Img 0773

My cool sense is tingling!

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