Cartoon Made On My iPad

I’ve been tinkering with the art apps on my iPad, and I’ve really impressed with SketchBook Pro. There’s plenty of tools (brushes, layers, opacity, etc…) and once you get the basic motions down, it’s a snap!

So, without further adieu, here’s a cartoon I did entirely on my iPad this morning:

iPad Cartoon

I’d love to have crop and some sort of basic text feature, but all in all I’m impressed. What do you think?

iBought an iPad


So, as everyone knew I would, I got myself an iPad. After a few days I have to say I love it so far, so here’s a quick look.

As I’m a cartoonist, let’s examine Marvel’s app first:


Um, WOW! Comics look gorgeous on this thing! And downloading the first couple of free samples went off without a hitch:


I’m hoping Marvel gets new titles up regularly. If so, I can see using this app more than I probably should. Seriously, Marvel, get this going.

As for creating cartoons on the iPad, I’ve only really dug into the SketchBook Pro app…


…but I was amazed at what I could do in just a few minutes:

It’s much more powerful than I’d expected, although I’m not sure I’d consider doing actual cartoon work on the thing. But I’ve got an iPhone/iPad friendly stylus on the way, and I can’t wait to continue playing.
I downloaded the first issue of Time (even though I’m more of a Newsweek guy), and I really liked their interface:

It read well, and navigation was intuitive and fun. Ditto for the NPR app:
I know there’s a lot of complaining that the iPad is just a media consuming device rather than a real computer, but if you’re going to simply consume, you could do much much worse. Netflix streams beautifully and without a hiccup:
And reading books is a joy:



I’ll also admit to testing out some gaming. Especially some old school faves:


So, is the iPad a hardcore desktop replacement? No. A fun, zippy, pretty much get done what you need to get done casual computer? And how!