High School Cartoons – 5/14/86

Here's another old cartoon of mine from my high school paper, The Lance.

Today's is from May 14, 1986. Here's a bit of the page it was on:

Lance 05 14 1986 Page

And here's the cartoon close up:

Lance 05 14 1986

I remember how this one came about. I'd asked the teacher/adivsor person what I should do that week's cartoon on, and he suggested that I do something on report cards coming out soon, and also that he loved that Jon Lovitz' pathological liar character from SNL. I remember it going something like "why don't you put those two together and have a kid lying about how good his grades are or something."

So that's pretty much what I did.

It's a bad gag (for which I take only partial credit), but the art's not bad.

Anyhow, I think that's when I got really serious about writing my own gags.

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High School Cartoons – 4/23/86

Here's another old cartoon of mine from my high school paper, The Lance.

Today's is from April 23, 1986. Here's a bit of the page it was on:

Lance 04 23 1986 Page-1

And here's the cartoon close up:

Lance 04 23 1986

I'll be honest, I don't remember what the flap with the national budget was, or even f there was one. But the Al Capone's vault debacle I remember vividly.

The art is so so, and I don't know why my signature is next to the guy's head in the second panel. It kinda looks like he's talking.

Anyhow, everyone's gotta start somewhere.

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High School Cartoons – 3/5/86

Lately I've been enjoying doing these sort of theme months here at the ol' blog (Decmeber – 1951 King Features Christmas Cards, January – New Site Features), and this month I've decided to delve into my cartooning past and show some cartoons from when I worked on The Lance, my high school paper.

My mom recently gathered and copied all of my old Lance artwork and brought it out, and now, lord help us all, I'm showing it to you.

Today's cartoon is from March 5, 1986. Here's a bit of the page it was on:

Lance 03 05 1986 Page

And here's the cartoon close up:

Lance 03 05 1986-1

Not too bad in either the art or gag departments, although my lettering is pretty awful. And you gotta love that Benday!

More on Wednesday!

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The Final “Knight School”s

After thumbing through some more old stuff, I found two more strips of my high school comic strip, “Knight School.”

Here’s another with Lose-a-Lot and the wizard, who I apparently named Wizzy (again, click on the images for much larger versions):






That’s one badly forced joke. But you gotta love all that wrinkling Zip-a-Tone!

Here’s the last strip, which, apparently, was never completed:






I remember the idea being that the king of the land was this tiny little guy. The joke looks weak now, but, again, for a high school sophomore…

Anyway, that’s it for “Knight School.”

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“Knight School” – Original Strip From 1986

I was cleaning up the ol’ office yesterday to make more room for Legos, and ran across some old photo albums and stuff I’d put aside to go back in the crawlspace.

But before I do, I found a bunch of old stuff I thought I’d share.

Here’s a strip I did in high school entitled “Knight School.” (You can click on each image to get a much larger look.)

The first one centers around the main character, Sir Lose-a-lot, and the kingdom’s smart-alecky dragon:






Gotta love all that white-out and Zip-a-Tone, and not a bad gag for a high school sophomore.

Here’s another; a try at a pantomime strip:






The gag is supposed to be that Lose-a-lot can’t hit the center of the target, and that the wizard helps him by magically creating sort of a crosshair thingy on the lance.

Not a very good gag, and the art is only so-so; especially that horse! Good lord!

OK, one last one with the dragon again:






Again, kinda… meh… but not too bad for a 15-year-old kid in small town Iowa.

That’s it for old stuff for now, but I found a bunch more I’ll share soon!

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