High School Cartoons – 5/14/86

Here's another old cartoon of mine from my high school paper, The Lance.

Today's is from May 14, 1986. Here's a bit of the page it was on:

Lance 05 14 1986 Page

And here's the cartoon close up:

Lance 05 14 1986

I remember how this one came about. I'd asked the teacher/adivsor person what I should do that week's cartoon on, and he suggested that I do something on report cards coming out soon, and also that he loved that Jon Lovitz' pathological liar character from SNL. I remember it going something like "why don't you put those two together and have a kid lying about how good his grades are or something."

So that's pretty much what I did.

It's a bad gag (for which I take only partial credit), but the art's not bad.

Anyhow, I think that's when I got really serious about writing my own gags.

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2 thoughts on “High School Cartoons – 5/14/86”

  1. wow! blast from the past! I should post some of my grade school newsletters. We got a new printer on our floor, and i think i can scan to pdf. 🙂

    I'm amazed at how you even did the halftone shading for this. Oh wait. did you cut up those little dot sheets and paste them in? I was assuming you did. Maybe you just shaded it with a pencil and then the printing process converted it to halftone dots.

  2. Love that scan to PDF! Especially if you can throw in a little OCR!

    As for the halftone, yep that was me, a sheet of benday and an X-acto knife. I kinda miss that, but mostly I don't.

    Lemme know if you post any of your old stuff!

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