Kids Art

We just finished some family cartoon time (AKA Daddy has a tight deadline and needs the kids occupied so he can work time), and I promised the wee ones I’d post their art on my blog.

Bonnie (2 years old) worked on this one for a good hour and 15 minutes:


And Henry (5 years old) drew three Batman themed comics:




My favorite part of the whole experience? Henry just came in as I was writing this and said “Hey Dad, has anyone bought mine yet?”

That’s my boy!

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High School Cartoons – 2/4/87

Here's another old cartoon of mine from my high school paper, The Lance.

Today's is from February 4, 1987. Here's a bit of the page it was on:

Lance 02 04 1987 Page

And here's the cartoon close up:

Lance 02 04 1987

Other than the really punny gag, this cartoon is actually pretty close to what I'd do now.

On the bad side, note the hand hiding on the patient (classic early cartooning strategy) and the distracting nurse/arrow 'gag.'

On the good side the joke reads left to right well, and the gag's nice and short.

Not too bad.

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