High School Cartoons – 3/5/86

Lately I've been enjoying doing these sort of theme months here at the ol' blog (Decmeber – 1951 King Features Christmas Cards, January – New Site Features), and this month I've decided to delve into my cartooning past and show some cartoons from when I worked on The Lance, my high school paper.

My mom recently gathered and copied all of my old Lance artwork and brought it out, and now, lord help us all, I'm showing it to you.

Today's cartoon is from March 5, 1986. Here's a bit of the page it was on:

Lance 03 05 1986 Page

And here's the cartoon close up:

Lance 03 05 1986-1

Not too bad in either the art or gag departments, although my lettering is pretty awful. And you gotta love that Benday!

More on Wednesday!

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