The Final “Knight School”s

After thumbing through some more old stuff, I found two more strips of my high school comic strip, “Knight School.”

Here’s another with Lose-a-Lot and the wizard, who I apparently named Wizzy (again, click on the images for much larger versions):






That’s one badly forced joke. But you gotta love all that wrinkling Zip-a-Tone!

Here’s the last strip, which, apparently, was never completed:






I remember the idea being that the king of the land was this tiny little guy. The joke looks weak now, but, again, for a high school sophomore…

Anyway, that’s it for “Knight School.”

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2 thoughts on “The Final “Knight School”s”

  1. Some of the jokes may be forced, the art may be awkward, but it's a work of genius compared to the stuff I was doing when I was 20, much less 15.

    Did I say 20? Make that 23. And when things finally clicked between my pen and my brain (I was 22, I think, working at a factory, and one day I drew/wrote my first cartoon to amuse co-workers; up til then, I couldn't think of a gag — a life-long writer's block), I focused on single-panel cartoons because I couldn't think of a single strip idea that would work.

    At 15, you were way ahead of me. And you still are, you damn child prodigy.

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