Education Cartoons

Education offers a lot of opportunities for cartoons.

First off there’s kids, and that’s a lot of material right there. Then you have your various levels (primary, secondary, college) and all of the various rites of passage that go along with each. Then you have your educators and their experiences with all of the above.

See what I mean? It’s a cartoon treasure trove!

So with a new school year just a few days away, here’s some education cartoons to get you in the mood. Enjoy:

I don’t know a lot about the world of the college professor, but I know the old axiom “publish or perish.” It doesn’t take long to take that to it’s logical conclusion as seen above.

So far in my kids’ school district we’ve had student led conferences where the child is in on the proceedings and, at least in my experience, sits uncomfortably while a bunch of adults talk about them. What I wouldn’t give for a good old-fashioned you-stay-home-with-grandma-so-we-can-talk-to-your-teacher conference like the above cartoon. Sans cheating of course.

I did this one when I still used MapQuest for all my mapping needs. I could update it with Google Maps or Google Earth, but I hate revisiting old cartoons.

Drawing cows sitting on couches discussing reports cards is way way too much fun. Just one of the perks of the job!

So there you go, a nice little sampling of education cartoons. To all the teachers and students out there, have a great year, and remember to keep your sense of humor!

Teacher Cartoons

You know it’s not too much longer and summer’s going to be over and parents everywhere will alternately cry and dance for joy as their kids head back to school.

It’s especially dramatic at my house because my wife is a teacher. So one day the house is filled with family, and the next it’s crickets chirping.

Anyway, with school just over the horizon I thought I’d share some of my favorite teacher cartoons! Enjoy:

I don’t know exactly how apples apparently became the preferred bribe for educators everywhere, but I’m betting that they’ve lost their luster. BTW, for those students of my wife, here’s a hint: forget the coffee and go the chocolate route. Works like a charm!

I remember meeting with my kids preschool teachers a ways back and examining their scissors skills. I had no idea there even was such a thing! I’ve heard my wife discuss fine and gross motor skills, but I had no idea that I’d be looking closely at partially hacked construction paper with other adults and creating a cutting improvement strategy.

Anyway, I’m also a bit of a tech nerd, so this cartoon wasn’t far behind.

I know for a fact that this cartoon is very popular with teachers, but none of them will ever admit it.

Again with the apples! To be fair this cartoon isn’t really a stretch to get to, but I did put a lot of thought into the look of the classroom. (This is where having a teacher for a wife really comes in handy!) There’s the alphabet strip above the whiteboard, the curvy corrugated border on the bulletin board, the calendar… None of which are strictly necessary, and I normally try to imply backgrounds more, but it was too much fun to resist.

Well, there you go. Just a few quick examples of my teacher cartoons. If you’d like to see more, feel free to click here and browse to your heart’s content.

Bonus! Here’s q short video of teacher cartoons I did a while back:

Free Cartoon Day – Teacher/Education

free cartoon day

Hooray! It’s Free Cartoon Day! And this week the cartoon is a teacher/education cartoon:

free teacher cartoon

So, how do you get the cartoon? Easy! Just click on the cartoon, or click here, to go to the large image of the cartoon. Do that right click "Save as…" thingy and you’re good to go!

Remember though, this is only free today. Tomorrow the links above won’t work. But don’t worry, the cartoon will be available at Andertoons at standard pricing right away.

See you next Friday for another free cartoon!

UPDATE – Sorry, this cartoon is no longer available for free, but it is available for purchase by clicking here.  And feel free to check out all of my other teacher & education cartoons here.