1959 Easy 3’s Cartoon Card Game

Easy 3S Box

A while back I posted an animated GIF of Carl Anderson's Henry from the back of a set of cards.

Those cards are from a 1959 set of Ed-U-Cards, and I've just posted the other sides over at Flickr.

The idea of the game was to get sets of three cards to make cartoon characters:


Go check 'em out!

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Ed-U-Cards Henry Flip Animation

Recently I was scanning in a set of cartoon cards for Flickr, when, on the back, I noticed a little "Flip-Movie" of Henry!

After scanning in the the cards front and back, I put together this little animated GIF (tops of the cards only to cut down on file size) so you could see it in action:


I'll post the cards later, but this was too much fun to wait.