The Artist Entrepreneur

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The Trend of the Artist Entrepreneur

Then this:

Artists: Take Business Classes With That Art Training

And finally, this:

Transforming Art Into a More Lucrative Career Choice

It’s a veritable gold mine of arts/business info and inspiration!


Hat tip to Anita at Small Business Trends!

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Things I Hate To Draw

Horse 2A

I like to draw cartoons. And it’s a good thing, because it’s my bread and butter.

But even someone who loves to draw, and does a fair amount of it, finds some subjects they just hate.

So here’s the stuff I hate drawing in cartoons:

  1. Horses – Mine always look like sausages with stick legs. Seriously. If I ever get a horse I’m going to name it bratwurst.
  2. Orchestras – I used to be a musician, so I get lost in the details. Plus there’s a crapload to draw. If I did these more often I’d really have to do some research to see how other cartoons have done it.
  3. Cars – I always have to go out to the driveway, take a picture of the car, and work from that. And it still looks awful. Cars today are just so roundy. Oh for the days when cars were either boxy or jet-inspired.
  4. Wolves – It’s had to find the right balance between a dog, and Wile E. Coyote.
  5. Bananas – You have to get the curves and straight lines just right, or it looks like one of my horses without the stick legs. And that little stem portion is a bugger too.
  6. Skeletons – I can do it, and make it look pretty good, but it’s gotta be a really killer skeleton joke to justify the time. I guess you could say they’re the bone of my existence. (But you shouldn’t.)
  7. Cell phones – It used to be you could show that little nub of an antenna, or the open flip phone, but now it’s difficult to tell if your character is talking into an iPhone or a bar of soap.

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s some of the worst.

There’s plenty of artists that read this blog. What about you guys? What do you hate to draw?

Picasso’s Quixotic Comics

Sometimes while trolling for cartoon/comic news to blog about you find some truly weird stuff.

Take this excerpt from an article on Rousseau’s influence on Picasso:

The first anti-war images Picasso ever made preceded Guernica by a few months. He etched the first six scenes of The Dream and Lie of Franco in January 1937. In this preposterous comic strip, a bulbous version of Don Quixote goes around on horseback, raping Spain with his huge phallus…

I gotta refine my Google News…

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