9 thoughts on “Andertoons Live!”

  1. I don't know. I think you should draw a cartoon with a couple of horses or a crowd scene — something that you really sweat and swear over!

    This was really interesting to watch. I liked watching you pencil, and talking us thru the whole drawing.

    One thing that I found interesting is how small you work. Most of the cartoons I draw are about the size of a piece of typing paper. Yours looks something like 4×6 inches (I'm guessing). Considering the scale of your enormous man-hands, maybe it's a little bigger.

    I remember one time I sold an original cartoon to a client and he saw a couple of ink squiggles in the corner. Nothing big — and it was something that could be matted out easily; just one of those "I'm trying out this pen" kinda squiggles. The buyer got real suspicious, asking "What's this?" He did not like it being there. I soon realized that my cartoon was the first piece of original art he ever bought. And maybe the last!

    Anyway, I hope that this is the first in a series. Hey, maybe you can have a thrill-cam where you draw while driving or changing a diaper! Now that would be cool!

  2. I've got it, I'll draw an orchestra made up entirely of horses while driving!

    Yeah, I draw REALLY small. Sometimes more like 3 x 5. I have no idea why.

  3. "talk to you later, bye" haha at the end we discover that this was all a message you left on our answering machines. I do that ALL THE TIME. I found myself doing it at the end of a very long memo I left for myself. I love it.

    It's always interesting to see someone's general workflow, especially if they're doing something slightly different. I animate and you do cartoons, but relatively I can relate. I hope I can see more!

    Ok, talk to you later… bye

    … damn

  4. Thanks for doing this, Mark. As a cartoonist, I find watching how others work fascinating.

    Youtube had something similar but with Al Hirschfeld. I can watch that one over and over.

    Sorry I missed the Cabal. I was out freezing my tail off watching my son's baseball game.

  5. Very good,thanks for the video.
    If you can elaborate on the kind of paper you use, how you scan to photoshop etc. it will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks to Mike Lynch for putting me on to your website.

  6. Hey Mark,

    Nice work, I could watch this stuff all day… But I'd never get any of my own stuff done.
    I dabbled in a little YouTube myself just to test the waters; I'd love to see more drawing-process stuff in future; a video podcast would be awesome if you're up to it.


    Jason Chatfield

    PS – Here's the YouTube Link:


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