How to Draw a Cartoon Shark – Tutorial

Happy Shark Week everyone!

To celebrate I thought it might be fun to sink multiple rows of teeth into drawing your very own cartoon shark. Just follow the 10 simple steps below and you’ll have a jaws-droppingly good shark to show off.

When you’re finished, feel free to tweet, pin, email or otherwise share a pic of your cartoon shark with me and I’ll post it here at the blog! And if you’d like to grab the image and post it on your own blog or website, you’re more than welcome to. (A link back would be appreciated.) Enjoy:

How to draw a cartoon shark

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6 thoughts on “How to Draw a Cartoon Shark – Tutorial”

  1. It increases the 3D feel of the drawing. We think of eyes as being spaced stereoscopically on either side of a nose… so the right hand eye outside the lines, makes it feel like it’s hanging on the far side of the nose. Cover it up and see how much ‘flatter’ the face appears.

  2. Cover it up and see how much ‘flatter’ the face appears.

    To me, it looks like a stray spot of ink. But then, I have lots of those in my stuff, so maybe I’m just sensitive to it.

    Don’t get me wrong – I love the tutorials – it’s fascinating how Mark breaks things down into simple components. It helps take some of the mystery out of drawing.

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