Business Cartoons You Don’t Want In Your Employees’ Cubicles

I do a lot of business cartoons here at Andertoons. They’re fun to do, there’s no end of material, and they sell well. But there is a bit of a catch – the people you’re generally selling to are executives and upper management, so you can’t pick on them too much. As a result I do cartoons like this:

It’s not really picking on anyone in particular, but it’s funny and true.

Still I spent too many years in business as a worker drone to not have a little fun at management’s expense. And if I were management and I were touring the cubicles, here’s a few cartoons I might not think were so funny:

Well, at least he’s honest.

This is one of my biggest selling business cartoons, and if you’ve ever spent time having PowerPoints read at you, you know why.

I think employees often feel put upon. This just takes idea a little further.

(Also, I used the name “Lynch” as sort of a shout out to my inky cartoonist pal Mike Lynch.)

If this cartoon resonates with you, you’d better hang it up in your cubicle fast so you can enjoy it before you have to take it home in your cardboard box with your other personal effects.

Corporate Cartoon #5702 by Andertoons

Secretly I’d love to work for Despair.

I’m pretty sure a manager almost slipped and said pretty much this exact thing to me once.

Another super popular cartoon. If I’m taking about it and don’t have it in front of me I always say “OK, now that we all agree, let’s go back to our desks and discuss amongst ourselves why this won’t work.”

I have no idea why I add those two extra words, but I always do.

That’s nothing to sneeze at these days.

Those poor people are in for it.

One time my kids saw this one and wanted me to explain why it was funny. I said “Hey! Who wants cookies?” That always works.

If you’re management, the best but extremely ironic response to seeing this hanging up would be to just ignore it.

Feel free to browse all of my business cartoons and let me know if you see any others that might make an exec cringe!