Wonder Woman Christmas Record

superman batman wonder woman christmas

Gather round, kids, it’s story time!

Today is the Wonder Woman story, "The Prisoner of Christmas Island" – 

As the world prepares to celebrate Christmas, a powerful nuclear submarine sails under the polar ice cap to the North Pole.  A laser drill cuts a hold up through the ice, through wich Von Richter, captain of the sub, enters the village above and kidnaps Santa Claus, taking hiim to Christmas Island, a barren atoll in the mid-Pacific.  Only Wonder Woman can Rescue him.

OK, everyone sitting pretzel style? Hands folded? Let’s listen!

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  1. Yep, this is what we listened to on the old wooden radio in our living room. Everyone was together and everyone listened and enjoyed. It was super nice, I highly recommend for families today. Maybe we should go back to radio shows !

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