Wonder Woman Christmas Record

superman batman wonder woman christmas

Gather round, kids, it’s story time!

Today is the Wonder Woman story, "The Prisoner of Christmas Island" – 

As the world prepares to celebrate Christmas, a powerful nuclear submarine sails under the polar ice cap to the North Pole.  A laser drill cuts a hold up through the ice, through wich Von Richter, captain of the sub, enters the village above and kidnaps Santa Claus, taking hiim to Christmas Island, a barren atoll in the mid-Pacific.  Only Wonder Woman can Rescue him.

OK, everyone sitting pretzel style? Hands folded? Let’s listen!

Cartoon Cards Collection – Part 1

Over the years I’ve collected thousands and thousands of cartoon cards: collector cards, playing cards, card games, pretty much anything with cartoons on them.

I’ve put them all up on Flickr and posted them individually here, but it’s been a good while since I featured them. So I thought I’d do a few posts linking to them as either pleasant reminders for long-time readers, or as introductions if you missed them them first time around.

I’m going to let the art speak for itself, so click on the thumbnails to see the sets at Flickr. Enjoy!

cartoon cards cheer upcartoon cards harvey findaycartoon cards drink upcartoon cards tee upcartoon cards yogi bear