Pogo Christmas Countdown

Every year I try to find something really interesting for the holidays that I can sort of parcel out in small chunks until Christmas; kind of a cartoon blog Advent calendar.

Last year it was Spaceman Discovers Christmas. The year before, 1951 Popular Comics Holiday Cards.

This year it’s a poster I found titled "Christmas ‘Countdown’ with Pogo & Friends."

pogo chirstmas countdown intro

It was put out by Publishers-Hall syndicate here in Chicago. No idea on the year.

So stay tuned as the Andertoons Cartoon Blog and Pogo countdown how many shopping days are left. It begins on Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Pogo Christmas Countdown”

  1. I remember these “Countdown to Christmas” things running at the top of the front page of our newspaper when I was a kid. I remember our paper ran the Peanuts version.

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