There’s nothing I don’t like about this 1990 Iron Man cover:

iron man christmas

You’d think Santa shooting some sort of laser gun at ol’ Shellhead would be great enough, but then they top themselves with "Ho-Ho-Homicide!" at the bottom!

Excelsior indeed!

Here’s a quick synopsis in case you’re as confused as I was:

After undergoing a grueling, deadly elimination competition at the Taskmaster’s Academy, the survivor is named the new Spymaster. In order to graduate, Spymaster must steal the top Christmas ornament at Tony Stark’s party. In the attempt, Spymaster encounters and battles the Invincible Iron Man. In order to preserve personal safety of his guests and children present, and perhaps in the spirit of Christmas, Stark allows Spymaster to leave with the bauble.

Merry Christmas, Spymaster!