Batman Christmas Record

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Gather round, kids, it’s story time!

Today is the Batman story, "Christmas Carol Caper" – 

Batman receives an ominous singing telegram on Christmas Eve but dismisses it as the work of a crank.  He and Robin go off to a Christmas party at the South Side Mission downtown, but soon learn the telegram was no prank when attempts on his life are made by Rudolph the Red Nose Hitman, and then Maxie the Minstrel and Sammy the South Side Santa.

OK, everyone sitting pretzel style? Hands folded? Let’s listen!

3 thoughts on “Batman Christmas Record”

  1. live blogging the audio:

    How did the first criminal get Batman’s number? And if you’re calling Batman’s unlisted number, do you really need to ask if it’s him?

    When Batman and Robin run, they’re clearly tap dancing.

    The bat-a-rang is equipped with a car alarm.

    It’s refreshing to hear Batman retire his alter ego. He sounds like Batman the playboy.

    What a cliffhanger. I wonder if Rodney survived his jump?

    Dr. John’s a pretty good actor. I never noticed a New Orleans accent.

    Classic entertainment. Have you heard the Six Million Dollar Man Christmas episodes. Steve Austin sounds like George W. Bush.

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