Magoo Review Renewed

magoos christmas carol

It’s that time of year again, when my 2004 (YES! 2004!) Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol review gets found and people begin leaving comments again. 

This one is over at BlogCritics where I’d republished it, and it’s honestly pretty tame:

Surprised by the author’s take on this. Obviously, a very literal-minded person. Mr. Magoo can’t step out of his blindness to do a good turn as Scrooge and heaven forbid someone engage in a little word play by turning "pencil" into "pencible" (which I found one of the most charming lyrics in the most charming song of the production.

I’m not saying this is a masterpiece. It gets a little gooey sweet, much as I imagine razzleberry dressing to be, but it’s accessible, fun and injects several notes of humor into a story that, until the end, has a gloomy feel throughout. I loved it as a kid, got the vido, and my kids loved it, too.

Honestly I sort of miss comments like:

How dare you!…HOW DARE YOUUU!!! How dare you sit there and criticize Mr Magoos Xmas Carol!!! Its an all time Grrreaat!


What’s all the fuss you ask? Well, apparently this is a much beloved special and I, um, sort of went off on it.  For example:

And the "razzleberry dressing" and "wooflejelly" stuff simply made me want to beat little Gerald McBoing-Boing to a pulp. Seriously, I can see myself walloping Tiny Tim with his own cane as we speak.


Anyway, it seems to finally be slowing down and maybe it’ll end by 2014 just in time for my review’s 10th anniversary.