Donald Duck’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Dbint03Ran across this via TweetGrid the other day…

While watching a Donald Duck cartoon from 1935, The Band Concert and some others, I noticed he did not have quite such an explosive temper as in later cartoons. With a little research on Wikipedia I found out Donald had served as a paratrooper and commando in World War II who saw fairly intense combat. This made me wonder if perhaps Donald suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) related to his wartime service.

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High School Toon-sical

So a while back my home town newspaper, the North Scott Press, did an article about me and my cartoons. As a result I got a gush of mail from people I haven't heard from in years.

This came from my high school geometry teacher, Mr. Birkhofer:

The reason I am e-mailing you; is that I want you to know I still have my Mark Anderson poster: "The 3 great minds of logic". (Euclid, Spock, and Opus) And of course it has your motto on the back.

I remember this vividly! Mr. Birkhofer was a big Bloom County fan and he asked me to make a poster for his class room wall. He was kind enough to send along a pic:


I'd forgotten about the motto:


Oh my goodness…

Anyway, so nice to hear from everybody! Now if I can just get Mr. Mohr to send me that old 'Joe the Piranha" story…

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