11 thoughts on “1951 Popular Comics Holiday Card – The Little King”

  1. Hey, I broke through. I can comment. Ahem.

    I find it hard to believe that a king would get his own tree. And why is he carrying it away from the house? It can't be the King's house. It's not a castle. Or is it one of his many homes, ala McCain?

    But if it's not his home, it's clear that he's stealing the tree. Or, maybe, being the king, the land is his.

    This card raises many questions. But the important thing to note is that I can now comment, with valuable insights just like this.

  2. Hooray!

    Sorry for the rough commenting transition. Typepad has some new stuff I'm trying out.

    Anyhoo, I'm so glad you persevered! Now I'm going to be considering this card all day!

  3. And note: the king doesn't have a saw in his hand. The tree was pre-cut. It must have been leaning against the house in the picture, waiting to be brought in.

    Or, to be charitable, perhaps the person who lives in the home runs a tree farm, and sold the tree to the King.

    So many questions.

  4. You're suggesting that the person living there is so poor that he's reduced to chopping his house apart to fuel the wood stove? I hadn't thought of that.

    Or maybe the owner boughts the house from Segar Reality, Roofs a specialty.

    I haven't read much of this strip. Was the king ever shown without his robe? I'm guessing he could double for Batman. That's a large tree to be carrying so easily.

  5. I think I'm worried that the residents and the house might have come to some sort of untimely end. I'd hate to think of Yule-fueled arson, but there there you have it…

  6. And the tree is finally crowned and made King. How long does the King expect this subterfuge to last? Surely the Queen will notice a change in his demeanor before the night's out? And what is the king planning to do with his free time? My best guess: he's heading back to that cottage to meet with his mistress — the tree was her idea, since she noticed the similarity between a beard and a bristly tree with a star on top. I just hope this doesn't turn into a Columbo episode, in which case his mistress will not survive the rendezvous, and his evergreen alibi will shed like a tree without water.

  7. Arson. House fires are definitely a problem in the holiday season. It's usually blamed on dry trees and faulty lights. But a tiny insane King seems more likely.

    I wonder if holiday fires have increased over the last eight years?

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