T.V.’s Yogi Bear & Friends Trading Cards by Barratt

Yogi Bear And Friends Barratt Card 13 Front

I’m assuming these were included with some gum or in a candy bar package, but there’s no other info listed on the cards than "Printed in England" and "issued by Barratt & Co., LTD."

Anyway, there’s 35 in the set and I’ve got them all posted over at Flickr; fronts and backs.

Here’s the back for the card above:

Yogi Bear And Friends Barratt Card 13 Back

Browse and enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “T.V.’s Yogi Bear & Friends Trading Cards by Barratt”

  1. I've got a set of Captain Scarlet trading cards in a similar format. When I bought them I was told that they were found with packages of mints. Shoot, now I need to find them. 🙂

  2. We need someone from the other side of the pond to confirm this, but it appears that these cards came with packages of "sweet cigarettes" – which I think are now called candy sticks for obvious reasons. Barrett was bought by Basset's (a licorice company) in the 60's and Cadbury in turn bought Basset's. It looks like the products were still being produced as recently as a few years ago, as evidenced by Looney Tunes Space Jam and Lord of the Rings trading card sets.

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