Finish Him!

Mike Lynch has a really fun post over at this blog where he discusses a cartoon class he’s teaching and, aw heck, I’ll let him explain it…

As you may or may not know, I teach cartooning. recently, I’ve been teaching some junior high and high school kids in Milton, NH. Last week, the cartoon class was given five comic strips. The first 3 panels are drawn (see below), but the last one needs to be completed.

In addition to his students, Mike also asked anyone who wanted to to send one in.

Here’s the one I picked to finish:


I won’t give mine away, but I hear Mike’s gonna post all the stuff he’s been getting soon.

How much fun is this?!

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1 thought on “Finish Him!”

  1. Gee whiz, thanks for the shout out on this. I'm getting a number of entries, with promises of more.

    Please hurry up and email your doodle if you have a moment.

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