Such a Deal!

OK, I dunno that I can ever surpass last year’s gift (see cartoon chocolate bar here), but this one is pretty nice all the same.

I was looking for something outside the normal “here’s something you can eat” vein – something that people could keep around and use over and over again without being in that lame “here’s a mouse pad with my cartoon on it” vein.

So, this year it’s playing cards:


I know, I’m a little late for the whole poker craze, but these are casino quality cards with one of my most popular cartoons in a really nice clear plastic box. I’ll send ’em out in a month or so to say thanks to my clients.

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Torgo LIVE!


One of my favorite shows is Mystery Science Theater 3000, and “Manos, the Hands of Fate” is probably the single best episode they ever did.

So I’m excited, curious, and a little afraid to see that the National Pastime Theater here in Chicago is putting on “Manos, Rock Opera of Fate” until November 3rd.

Dare I go?! And who will take take of our place while the master is away!?

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