LEGO Alphabet Spaceships A-Z

When I was a kid growing up on Star Wars, I thought the X-wing was the best spaceship I’d ever seen. Of course the Millennium Falcon was great, and goodness knows the good old NCC-1701 was awesome, but the X-wing and its letter inspired brethren the Y-wing and A-wing (what the hell was with the B-wing?! It looked nothing like a B!) were just the coolest.

So later on as I got back into LEGO and was building spaceships I thought revisiting the idea of alphabet shaped ships would be fun.

It’s taken me almost two years (I have kids and a job after all), but now I’ve done all 26 letters of the alphabet in glorious spacey LEGO. Click on each pic to be taken to more pics on Flickr. (BTW, you can download them via the “view all sizes” link in the Flickr light box.)


lego alphabet spaceship a

A – Not bad for my first try. It’s a little sparse, and the A is more implied than obvious, but not bad.

lego alphabet spaceship b

B – I started figuring out hinges on this one. It kinda reminded me of the old Bepsin Cloud Car.

lego alphabet spaceship c

C – This one was supposed to be some sort of giant antenna spy ship. All I know is that poor guy in the cockpit looks mighty cramped.

lego alphabet spaceship d

D – This one was an early attempt at making a ship seem well worn. And the pilot’s chair in the cockpit rotated as you moved the ship around. Neat!

lego alphabet spaceship e

E – Some sort of booze cruise ship and one of the larger I built. Plenty of passengers having a good time, and one not so much.

lego alphabet spaceship f

F – My first real asymmetric ship. Those are two really big engines on the front.

lego alphabet spaceship g

G – An open air space golf cart. I kid you not. I felt like I really figured out some good SNOT on this one.

lego alphabet spaceship h

H – I tried out some more color, and the hexagon engines turned out nicely.

lego alphabet spaceship i

I – It was hard to come up with something interesting for basically I straight line, but using 1x2x2 bricks for a tall engine worked out OK.

lego alphabet spaceship j

J – Some of my better greebling if I do say so myself.

lego alphabet spaceship k

K – This looks completely different from the front. You should check it out.

lego alphabet spaceship l

L – Keep on truckin’! And dig those engines!

lego alphabet spaceship m

M – Pew pew personified!

lego alphabet spaceship n

N – This ended up looking sort of off in the photo vs. what I’d imagined, but you build and learn…

lego alphabet spaceship o

O – Figuring out how to attach big clear windows without using non-clear pieces was a challenge.

lego alphabet spaceship p

P – One of my faves because 1) it’s orange, 2) it’s such an oddball design, and 3) Nnenn liked it. (I miss Nnenn.)

lego alphabet spaceship q

Q – Sort of a combination of what I’d learned from B and G. And you should see the wacky engines!

lego alphabet spaceship r

R – I don’t remember where I first saw the hinge idea I used over the windscreen, but I stole it lovingly. Dig the flame paint on this if you get a chance.

lego alphabet spaceship s

S – This one was a real toughy, but the rotating engine underneath the cockpit worked out well. And I finally got to use those old dark gray 2×8‘s!

lego alphabet spaceship t

T – My intergalactic tug. Love those tires!

lego alphabet spaceship u

U – By this point I’m pretty comfortable with a big curve and greebling. A fun fun shape to do!

lego alphabet spaceship v

V – I wanted to make V a really long one, and I had some new decorated tiles I couldn’t wait to use.

lego alphabet spaceship w

W – Sort of a Star Trek-y vibe, and I got to use lots and lots of yellow!

lego alphabet spaceship x

X – I wanted to avoid the X-wing design as much as possible and ended up with more of a TIE feel. That’s a lot of light bley.

lego alphabet spaceship y

Y – The killer tuning fork! Pew pew!!!

lego alphabet spaceship z

Z – A fitting end as I used almost every technique I’d learned over the two years. And I thought it ended up being significantly different from N.

Hope you enjoyed them! You can see them all over at Flickr too.