If Lynch Gets To Talk About Trek…

I was starting to look for toys for my son for Christmas and browsing action figures at Amazon when I came across some Star Wars stuff I thought was interesting.

I’m aware that Star Wars has a million different characters offshoot books, but I’m really impressed/frightened with how deep the merchandising goes.

Check this out; it’s General Grievous from that abysmal third prequel, except that it’s not. It’s apparently what the guy looked like before he became mostly robot and got that nagging cough:


I have to admit some curiosity about the character’s origins, but this seems a bit of a reach for me.

Then there’s this Boba Fett, not as he appeared in the movies, but in his very first appearance on the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special:


Now these two, I might actually be interested in owning. They’re action figures based on the original Ralph McQuarrie art for the movies:



Neat huh?

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3 thoughts on “If Lynch Gets To Talk About Trek…”

  1. Last Christmas an aunt of mine bought my son a Darth Vader on a motorcycle. I must have missed that particular episode. The Star Wars purist in me disappeared though when I saw how it zooms across the kitchen floor 😉

  2. It's really weird all the toys that are out there — and the mentality that they are not to be played with and not taken out of their boxes and so on.

    A guy I worked with routinely moaned about opening all his STAR WARS toys when he was a kid in the 1970s and ACTUALLY PLAYING WITH THEM! He avidly collected a lot of the prequel toys and stored them in hopes of becoming a millionaire!

    This isn't fun. It's all about investment and commerce. Boo!

    Now please excuse me while I go to geekbay.com and bid on a limited edition life-size green Orion slave girl!

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