Purple + Green = Hot!

OK, I’m sure by now we’ve all seen the retooled Batman trailer via Tom Richmond and Mike Lynch

…but have you seen THIS?!

Or the ill-fated Batgirl 1967 pilot reel?

Oh Yvonne Craig…  Two, TWO, or my early adolescent rerun fantasies: Batgirl AND Marta from "Whom Gods Destroy."

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2 thoughts on “Purple + Green = Hot!”

  1. Oh man oh man… I can't remember which movie it was but one of the old Batman movies (with the West man) had this sequence in it with a shark that swallowed a bomb. Batman was hanging by a rope ladder from a Heli to try and disable it I think and the shark caught on to his foot. Batman yells up to Robin (piloting the Heli) to help while he punches the shark (HANGING from his foot… a few feet off the water… with his mouth around Batman's foot). Robin opens the "glove box" and gets out 'repelant' haha. Anyway… its a spray. He puts the Heli on auto pilot… climbs down the ladder to Batman and sprays the shark in the face. The shark let go of Batmans foot… falls to the water… and EXPLODES!!!!

    Greatest scene ever.

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