Photoshop Brushes and Me

Lately I’ve been downloading a bunch of Photoshop brushes to try to get some different effects when I’m doing color work.

Some of my recent faves are in this watercolor inspired set by Dave Nagel.

I had a little extra time this morning for a Good Housekeeping piece, and I decided to give them a try. I think the results are really nice, and I can’t wait to dig into these a little more.

(The cartoon’s not live at the site yet, but, for those of you who just have to know, the caption is ‘Bubble covered for 45 minutes, uncover and toil for 15 minutes, garnish with trouble and serve.’)


The final cartoon


I really like the multicolored speckles above the cauldron


More of the same in and around the fire


And a nice blotchy brush on the walls

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2 thoughts on “Photoshop Brushes and Me”

  1. Every so often, especially in coloring, I lose myself in details that no one will ever really care about, but it's good for my soul…

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