Debuts E-commerce

I’m very proud to announce probably the biggest and best feature has yet seen; e-commerce!

Now you can browse and buy cartoons for the most popular uses (presentations and newsletters) with just a few clicks.

Next to all large cartoon images there is now a button to “Buy This Cartoon.” (It’s located on the lower right of the home page’s daily cartoon).



Just one click, and after that it works like most other online shopping you’ve experienced: addition to a cart, account sign-in, secure credit card processing, etc…



Once the cartoon has been purchased, you’ll receive an email with immediate download instructions, and you’re good to go.

No emails back and forth, no waiting for cartoons to arrive. Just browse, buy, and get on with your day.

I’m also pleased to announce that within hours of launch, we’ve already begun processing orders. The very first order was this cartoon for a presentation.

I think you’ll find the pricing competitive and the buying experience a breeze.

So, shop and enjoy! And stay tuned for more exciting new features coming soon.

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Andertoons are!

I’m always looks for ways to expand on everyone’s favorite cartoon website, and honestly, I’m surprised it took me so long to implement this latest feature… users can now bookmark and share their favorite Andertoons cartoons with a single click. All large cartoons (including the daily cartoon on the home page) carry the symbol in the upper right hand corner. Just give it a click and you’re good to go!



I hope you like our tastiest new feature, and stay tuned for more new features coming soon!

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