Mailbox! (It’s been a while…)

Hooboy! Sorry it’s been a while; I’ve been stockpiling some good emails and it’s time to finally clean them out…

“i want to be a cartoonist. I got some cartoons i already did. Where do you go to be a pro cartoonist. one of my cartoon is called cream cheese. Dont steal it.”

I would never steal another cartoonist’s ideas.

BTW, be on the look out for my latest strip submission. It’s called “Neufchatel!”

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5 thoughts on “Mailbox! (It’s been a while…)”

  1. Where do you go to be a pro cartoonist?

    Iowa. Des Moines, Iowa.

    Though, in this guy's case it might be Philadelphia.

    Get it? Philadelphia? Cream Cheese? [Rim Shot, please]

    Okay, okay, I'll stop now.

  2. Nope- west coast. Des Moines was just the strangest place I could think of- even the name sounds weird. Never actually been there, either. I've heard it's kind of nice.

  3. Iowa aside (and I can say that since I was born in Iowa City), the question "Where do you go to be a pro cartoonist?" is a legit one, and maybe better answered in a blog.

    For me, I just always wanted to. I took art classes, but they were not what I wanted. I found out I couldn't go to school for what I wanted to do. But I could produce cartoons for the school paper, and then, later on, send cartoons to magazines. By looking at the magazines, I would try to figure out what cartoons would sell.

    There was no magic, no degree involved. Just hard, persistent work. I was rejected many, many times before I made my first national sale.

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