Yet Another Cartoon That Didn’t Work

Welcome to yet another edition of…


I’d actually already earmarked this cartoon for the blog when my college roommate emailed me asking what the deal was with it, thereby confirming my suspicions.

OK, the joke here is that they’re outside. No one gets the speaking character’s joke because it’s an “inside joke” and they’re all outdoors.


This one’s a real heartbreaker too because I spent a lot of time on the art. Four guys sitting around a campfire at night in the woods? Yeesh! I must have gone through at least two different gray markers just shading the damn thing.

Sometimes I’m OK with a weird or obtuse reference and I know a lot of people aren’t going to understand the humor, but this one seemed so simple at the time… Damn my feeble brain!

Anyway, there it is. Much to my chagrin, there’s more to come down the road…