Cartoon History – $0.23

I came across these postcards of famous cartoonists in some recent rambling online:

Sepia-tone photographs of important cartoonists, many with signatures and key characters. This is the original shrink-wrapped package with the gold descriptive sticker still intact over shrinkwrap. This full set of 18 cards features the following 19 cartoonists:

• Carl Anderson (1865-1948), creator of Henry

• A joint card of lifelong friends Al Capp (1909-1979), creator of Li’l Abner, and Milton Caniff (1907-1988), creator of Terry & the Pirates and Steve Canyon

• “Ad” Carter (1895-1957), creator of Just Kids

• Billy DeBeck (1890-1942), creator of Barney Google and Snuffy Smith

• Will Eisner (1917-), creator of The Spirit and the modern graphic novel

• Hal Foster (1891-1982), creator of Prince Valiant

• Harold Gray (1894-1968), creator of Little Orphan Annie

• V. T. Hamlin (1899-1993), creator of Alley Oop

• George Herriman (1880-1944), creator of Krazy Kat;

• Russell Keaton (1910-1945), Buck Rogers Sunday ghost and creator of Flyin’ Jenny

• Harvey Kurtzman (1924-1993), creator of MAD, Humbug, Trump and Little Annie Fanny

• George McManus (1884-1954), creator of Bringing Up Father

• Jimmy Murphy (1981-1965), creator of Toots and Caspar;

• R.F. Outcault (1863-1928), creator of The Yellow Kid and Buster Brown

• Alex Raymond (1909-1956), creator of Flash Gordon and Rip Kirby

• Cliff Sterrett (1918-1964), creator of Polly and Her Pals

• Pat Sullivan (1887-1933), creator of the animated Felix the Cat

• Lyman Young (1893-1984), creator of Tim Tyler’s Luck.

Fun, no? Apparently you can also buy them individually.

I just might have to fork over some Paypal…