New Panel Is Pure Bliss

You know what’s weird, I’m not a big comics reader anymore.

Maybe it’s the whole stay-at-home dad lack-of-free-time thing, or maybe it’s being too involved in my own cartoon work, but I just can’t find the time anymore except for a cherished few, and even those are more and more occasional lately.

But during a rare perusing of the paper the other day, I noticed a new panel in the Trib by New Yorker cartoonist (and illustrator of my son’s perennial favorite Diary of a Worm) Harry Bliss!

His page is a tad sparse, and the captions read more like filenames (I’m assuming some sort of web snafu), but it’s great to see this level of art and humor in a daily panel! Hats off to Tribune Media Services for getting Bliss on board!

Check it out, and write your editors and demand Bliss! (And while you’re at it, demand Spot the Frog too!)