People With No Lives Open Hong Kong Disneyland

This from a Disney press release regarding the new Hong Kong Disneyland’s opening:

Derrick Johnson was so elated when he beat thousands of people to become the second person to charge into the brand new Hong Kong Disneyland that he dropped to his knees, raised his arms and bowed to worship the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

O… K…

Robert Sher, from New York City, and Thomas Taffinder, from Orlando, Calif., came armed with sophisticated audio visual gear and a mental map of the park memorized from a virtual Internet tour.

I can just see these two quizzing each other… “OK, Tom, is Space Mountain east or northeast of the Software Pirates of the Caribbean?”

What keeps these grown-ups hooked on to the cartoon characters? “They keep on reinventing different things, unlike Universal or Six Flags,” said Sher. “The idea of Disney doing another foreign country, with the Chinese Communist government – going for business like that is just amazing.”

Yeah, EuroDisney turned out great! (Think EuroKrustyLand…)

Dougie Robertson, a 35-year-old businessman from Edinburgh, Scotland, said his favorite thing about Disney was the cheerful workers, or “cast members” in Disney lingo. “The cast members make people smile. It takes people back to their childhood. Smiling is a big thing,” he said. “I believe in the magic.”

Pretty much what I’d expect from a grown man who continues to call himself “Dougie.”

More Mailbox!

Yes, it’s time for more Andertoons mailbox!

This is a new-ish feature where I respond to a few of the odd emails I receive on a fairly regular basis.

(Note – Names have not been included, but the quotes themselves are exactly what I received, minus the bold formatting.)

“ola senorita”

First off, if my bilingual wife is to be believed, I’m pretty sure it’s “hola” and secondly, last time I looked down there, I was pretty sure I qualified for “señor.”

“Can i make cartoons?”

You can, but you may not.

“OK, my friend is a comic, And he will give you the words and scene, And you will draw it.”

OK, whatever you want! Just please don’t hurt me!

“hello ilove tom and jerry please see me thaks”

Again with the Tom and Jerry! Yeesh!

“are u krezzy”

Must… fight… urge… to answer… as Snoop Dogg…