More Mailbox!

Yes, it’s time for more Andertoons mailbox!

This is a new-ish feature where I respond to a few of the odd emails I receive on a fairly regular basis.

(Note – Names have not been included, but the quotes themselves are exactly what I received, minus the bold formatting.)

“ola senorita”

First off, if my bilingual wife is to be believed, I’m pretty sure it’s “hola” and secondly, last time I looked down there, I was pretty sure I qualified for “señor.”

“Can i make cartoons?”

You can, but you may not.

“OK, my friend is a comic, And he will give you the words and scene, And you will draw it.”

OK, whatever you want! Just please don’t hurt me!

“hello ilove tom and jerry please see me thaks”

Again with the Tom and Jerry! Yeesh!

“are u krezzy”

Must… fight… urge… to answer… as Snoop Dogg…

2 thoughts on “More Mailbox!”

  1. I don't know why, but a scene just occurred to me (mebbe cause I saw my iatrist today, and my ologist tomorrow).

    I'm sorry I called you a shrink.

    And you see the patient on the couch, shrunk down to about half or less of his normal size.

    Or, I know you're a shrink, but this is ridiculous.

    Psychologists don't like to be called shrinks. Lol.

    Or another one, is "Doc, I know you said these meds would have severe side effects, but . . . .

    and you see the patient, be-side himself. Or doing everything sideways. Or he's only one side, half a person now, or something.

    Yeah, yeah, I know you don't solicit ideas and stuff. I just, had these images in my mind. Given freely, clearly, use em or lose em doesn't matter to me. At the least, maybe you'll get a little giggle out of em.

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