Hold That Tiger!

I ran across this letter to the editor concerning an editorial cartoon:

As a Kellogg-Muncy Bakery employee I was disturbed to see the tasteless editorial cartoon in Sundays edition of the Sun-Gazette. To insinuate that Tony the Tiger would eat a child is despicable and exhibits poor judgement on the part of the cartoonist.

The so-called artist of this cartoon has the ability to change the channel or turn off the television if this repetition is too much for him to bear. This commercial depicts children having a good time and eating a nutritious breakfast. It is mind boggling that with everything else going on in the world that Tony the Tiger would be chosen by the cartoonist to deface and degrade.

Kellogg’s generously supports the Little League organization as well as many other organizations in the community, as well as the United Way, and not to mention worldwide support of our troops.

Kellogg’s employs 250 + people from the surrounding communities who take pride in where they work and what they do. I cannot speak for all of the employees but those that I have discussed this editorial with were outraged. You’ve made a mockery of everyone involved with Little League.

Oh man, there’s a ton of great stuff in this one!

I submit that Tony would indeed eat a child given the chance. I’m sure that, like me, you’ve heard urban legends of commercial out-takes where Tony’s handlers had to quickly sedate him to save some defenseless child from the tiger’s frosting-induced blood lust.

I do, however, agree with the writer and suggest that this Tiger/baseball bashing has indeed gone too far! And in that vein I’d like to suggest that we rename the Detroit Tigers the Detroit Lemmings to avoid any misrepresentations of ferocity.