So last Friday I went downtown and hung out with some Chicagoland cartoonists for a few hours, and I gotta tell ya, it felt good.

There were some folks I didn’t get the chance to really sit down and talk to, but I got into some good (and funny) discussions with Compu-toon‘s Charles Boyce, Sue Cargill of Commie Dog, and illustrators Brian Diskin & Neil Shapiro.

Most everyone brought a small portfolio to pass around, and Pat brought his copy of his new book, What Would Satan Do? and cell phone pics of his daughter.

So often being a cartoonist means working in your own little bubble. It’s a funny bubble, and it’s really comfortable, but a bubble nonetheless, so it was nice to be able to commiserate and goof around in some other bubbles for a while. Hopefully this will become more of a regular event!