24 Hour Comics Day

24 Hour Comics Day

Saturday was 24 Hour Comics Day and cartoonists all over the world took the challenge.

Throughout the event/ordeal cartoonists chimed in via blog.

Here are some random quotes I found entertaining:

“With the Governator in charge of Sacramento, he comes to the rescue and solves our alien crash dilemma.”

“Four words: Have a coffee bitch.”

“There’s weird smells coming from outside. Kind of distracting, but also encouraging the artists to work that little bit faster.”

“Zander: I totally set up a plot device that never got used at all.
Quillan: That’s the best part, the gift that keeps on giving.
Shad: What are you even saying Quillan?
Quillan: What does it say to you?”

“Here’s the stripeless zebra. It’s a horse. It’s a @&%@#^ horse.”

“What I wouldn’t do for a hand massage…”

Maybe I gotta try this next year…

Anyway, give the whole blog a read. It’s a lot of fun.

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  1. Hey baby, why stop at the hand?! (Insert "Sideways'" Thomas Haden Church's "Yeah! MurrRROOOW!!" line to Sandra Oh here.)

    The creative process is an ugly one. Mostly boring, but the rest is ugly.

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