24 Hour Comics Day

24 Hour Comics Day

Saturday was 24 Hour Comics Day and cartoonists all over the world took the challenge.

Throughout the event/ordeal cartoonists chimed in via blog.

Here are some random quotes I found entertaining:

“With the Governator in charge of Sacramento, he comes to the rescue and solves our alien crash dilemma.”

“Four words: Have a coffee bitch.”

“There’s weird smells coming from outside. Kind of distracting, but also encouraging the artists to work that little bit faster.”

“Zander: I totally set up a plot device that never got used at all.
Quillan: That’s the best part, the gift that keeps on giving.
Shad: What are you even saying Quillan?
Quillan: What does it say to you?”

“Here’s the stripeless zebra. It’s a horse. It’s a @&%@#^ horse.”

“What I wouldn’t do for a hand massage…”

Maybe I gotta try this next year…

Anyway, give the whole blog a read. It’s a lot of fun.