I Take Requests

Every so often I get an email from someone who’s happened upon our favorite cartoon blog and, complimentary though it may be, wrongfully assumes I’m some sort of cartoon information guru.

Of all of the cartoonists I know, I’m probably the least informed. Sure, I know my Arno from my Ziegler, but much of the genre remains unexplored by me because, thanks to my 20-month old comedy sidekick/diaper machine, I simply don’t have the time or energy to dig any further.

So, I thought I’d throw some of these out to the cartooning community and see if any of you might be able to help. Here’s a fairly straight-forward one:

“I am trying to think of a 60s cartoonist — not Crumb — who I think was named Cobb. He did detailed cartoons that were more philosophical than political. I can’t trace him. Any thoughts?”

Here’s one where it seems obvious to me where the writer might start, but maybe we can make it even easier:

“Looking for a cartoon that was in the WSJ. It has a daddy lion and a young lion looking at two humans and the dad tells the young lion ‘Never eat one of those beasts. They’re full of transfats, banned substances and toxic chemicals.’ I am a health nut and do local talks, and would like a copy of that if possible?”

This last one is my favorite though:

“I am trying to find a black and white illustration of a pirate eating a house. There are a number of things taking place in the picture, but this what I remember most.”

A pirate eating a house? Maybe start with High Times?

Anyway… If anyone has any ideas, drop a comment and I’ll forward them along to the interested parties.