As I’d mentioned recently, I’m working on a new strip.

One of the things I’ve been unhappy with in recent attempts is the lettering. “Smart Alex” was hand lettered, but it’s kind of sloppy. While “Hackles” used a font, but it ended up looking a tad font-y.

But, thanks to font-master Nate Piekos over at Blambot, I don’t have to worry about either problem anymore!

Behold my new font, “AndWritten”…

AndWritten Cartoon Font

It’s my handwriting, just… better. A lot better!

Here’s a good example:

5005 Old

5005 Old CloseUp

And here’s the vast vast improvement:

5005 New

5005 New CloseUp

There’s even a little up & down in the placement of the letters to avoid too much of a font vibe!

I’m not an easy guy to work for. I’m demanding, exacting and I take deadlines very seriously. But lemme tell you, Nate & Blambot not only met my expectations, but greatly exceeded them in every way.

I couldn’t be happier with the end result (in fact, I’m rather giddy!) and I’m already having a condensed version crafted for tighter spaces.

I’ve been holding back some cartoons with lettering in them and now I can’t wait to dig in. (Did I mention the font was delivered several weeks ahead of schedule too?) And I’m also looking forward to lettering the new strip!

Kudos, Blambot! Kudos!