Mark Heath at The Comics Reporter

Spot the Frog creator, and frequent Andertoons Blog commenter, Mark Heath is the subject of a fascinating interview over at The Comics Reporter.

Not only is Mark a brilliant cartoonist, but he’s a great writer as well. Check out this thoughtful excerpt:

“By default I have a Pogo-like strip — in the way that a rowboat might suggest an ocean liner because both can float and take on passengers. But few would confuse one for the other. And Peanuts — my prime inspiration — is so big I can’t really see it whole. It’s just there, informing everything I do. I don’t like to compare my strip to others because it would be ridiculous — I’m the flea dodging an elephant’s foot. I’d rather hop onto the elephant’s back and see how far I can go.”

The whole interview is like that! Dont miss this! Go read now!