All Things Acme

All Things Acme

Ran across this fun little site that lists every Acme product used in the classic Warner Brothers cartoons!

Here’s just the “A”‘s:

Adding Machine-“Cheese Chasers”-Jones/1951

Air Drop-“Bedevilled Rabbit”-McKimson/1957

All-Purpose Farm Implement-“Weasel Stop”-McKimson/1956

Animal Delivery Service-“Rabbit Romeo”-McKimson/1957

Anti Nightmare Machine-“Drafty Isn’t It?”-Jones/1957

Anvil-“Gee Whiz-z-z”-Jones/1956

Anvils-“Cat-Tails For Two”-McKimson/1953

Artificial Rock (Have Fun Be Popular Be A Rock!)-“Sheep Ahoy”-Jones/1954

Aspirin-“Beep Beep”-Jones/1952

Atom Re-Arranger-“Maritan Through Georgia”-Jones & Levitow/1962

Axle Grease (guaranteed slippery)-“Zip N Snort”-Jones/1961

Check it out, won’t you?

Ten Incredible Little Things

The Incredibles

I’ve just finished watching The Incredibles again. I saw it in the theater when it came out and now twice on DVD.

What a great movie!

I’d considered doing my standard cartoon movie review, but let’s be honest here; everyone’s seen this movie and pretty much everyone agrees it’s really really good.

I’ve heard it said that God is in the details; so instead, here are some incredible details that really grabbed me:

1) I love the fact that Bob is humming the movie’s theme when he walks in from moonlighting with Frozone.

2) Bret ‘Brook’ Parker‘s performance as Kari. For a character with about 45 seconds of screen time, Kari steals every scene she’s in.

3) The 60’s/70’s (I’m not exactly sure) style of the Parr’s home. Nice touch!

4) The jazz trombonist in me dug the Sammy Nestico vibe in the score during the ‘everything’s going great for Bob’ montage.

5) “No capes!” Edna’s explanation of why she won’t design with capes is hysterical, and it sets up a nice gag at the end of the movie.

6) The grainy black and white newsreel documenting the downfall of the ‘supers’ is a joy to watch. Funny and dead on.

7) Helen checking her butt in the mirror while breaking into Syndrome’s fortress. If I remember right it was in the trailer and the commercials, but it’s so right I had to comment.

8) Mr. Incredible going out of focus as he lunges toward the ‘camera’ during the opening interview. It’s attention to detail like this that sets Pixar apart.

9) Mirage. Simply a stunning character design. From the shape of the head to the stick body and hair, a fascinating character to look at.

10) The end credits. Great art! Now I have to check out The Art of the Incredibles.