New Nomenclature Necessary?

Here’s my beef – with some notable exceptions, “graphic novels” seem to me to pretty much be your standard comic book renamed, repackaged, and recently reaping a lot of respect.

Is it that easy? The industry begins to refer to its product as “graphic novels” and suddenly everyone’s in love with them again?!

So what are the rest of us waiting for?! I say we rename gag cartooning something more artsy, sit back, and wait for the accolades!

I’ll get us started. How about “Illustrative Wit?” Or maybe “Comedic Short Subject?”

Any other suggestions?

11 thoughts on “New Nomenclature Necessary?”

  1. Will Eisner calls it "sequential art" – and attempt tp point out the links between the comic strip and the Bayeaux Tapestry.

    I think there's a difference: I think the stuff that Eisner did justifies a title like "Graphic Novel." But lately, they've just been repackaging comic books with a fancy name.

  2. The NYer calls them 'idea drawings'

    As for 'Graphic novel' that seems to imply violence and sex and blood…that sort of thing. It also implies fiction, which counts out Joe Sacco's stories. I kind of like Comic Literature or something along those lines.

  3. It's not like comic books were really ever books either. They are more book like now that they've been collected into "graphic novels" than they were when they were "comic books".

  4. Cartoonists are visionaries.
    The profession's name should impart it's high standards….but show the humour.
    philosophoons…and philosophoonists
    I've had a lot of coffee today.
    comic scribes..and comic scribbles…
    I'll get back

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