Looking For That Perfect Gift For Your Favorite Cartoonist?

Well, it’s that time of year, I and know what’s going through your mind – “Gee! What should I get my old buddy Mark at Andertoons for Christmas?!”

No, I’m not going to include a link to my Amazon wish list (although should you find it on your own…), but if you’d like to help out your favorite cartoon website there’s a few quick, easy, and best of all free things you could do!

1) Click the image below and vote for Andertoons at TopWebComics!

You can click once a day and it helps out my popularity there.

2) If you or your friends or family have a website, consider adding a link to Andertoons and spread the word!

Should you want to add a simple text link, here’s some code for you:

<a href=”http://blog.andertoons.com”>Andertoons Family & Business Cartoons</a>

Or add a graphics link and really spruce things up!

3) Comment on the blog.

I’m really enjoying writing it, and I hope you’re enjoying reading it. So, if something tickels your fancy, makes you angry, or, I dunno, just sort of leaves you feeling blah, then leave a comment. I love knowing that people are reading.

Of course the simple fact that you’re visiting the site at all is present enough for me, but if you really wanted to give me something extra special, there’s some suggestions.